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When we began working together, Just Collect already understood the value of quality web content. They had invested plenty of their own time and energy prioritizing regular blogging on their site, and were pretty familiar with social promotion as well.

Their blog strategy involves featuring new collections they’ve purchased on their website --- sharing the story of how the collector amassed the group. Sometimes, they we’re passed down from generation to generation. Other times they were found in a storage unit, or even behind a wall.

Each time they buy a new collection with an interesting story behind it, they feature it on their site. They had done this very well, but we figured they could be doing even more.

Therefore, part of our recommended strategy for them was to also include blog content on general collecting tips and tricks as well as just fun stuff for collectors in their demographic. They offer information on how to grade your cards (and if you even should) as well as info on shipping it, storing it, and the benefits of collecting.

Here’s a list of some posts and pages we’ve helped Just Collect craft:

  • Looking to Sell Baseball Cards? Here’s How (and Where) to do it
  • How to Sell Vintage Football Cards in Five Steps
  • How to Sell Vintage Basketball Cards to Just Collect
  • 7 Reasons Collecting Baseball Cards is Great for Adults Too
  • 7 Unexpected Places You Might Find Antique Sports Cards and Memorabilia
  • 10 of the Best Vintage Cubs Baseball Cards of All Time
  • 10 Amazing Vintage Sports Card Collections We’ve Bought
  • Should I Get My Vintage Sports Cards Graded?

Their dedication to their content strategy along with the sheer volume of business they do has made them a leader. They enjoy significant influence in that particular space.

Through ongoing consultation and help in content writing, graphics, and social media, we’ve helped them drastically increase their reach. Their top performing page, a post on “How to Sell Baseball Cards” enjoys a page one (and often position one) rank for a variety of highly valuable search terms in that field.

They gain dozens of quality leads based off of this page and others every single day. While not all inquiries to sell baseball cards result in amazing finds, many do.

We love working with this client because we really find this subject matter to be interesting and fun to engage with.

"John and his crew are outstanding. They created a "cutting edge", "state of the art" website for us and continue to assist us everyday."

-- by Joe Zavaglia

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