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Dr. Lukin, a psychologist in Ridgewood, NJ, and owner of the Lukin Center for Psychotherapy came to us with an issue. He was proud of the look and feel of the website we designed for him, but he thought he should be reaching more people.

Content Strategy

With two New Jersey therapy locations, he relies heavily on new patients finding him online.

We quickly realized that a solid local SEO strategy would be critical to the Lukin Center’s new patient acquisition success.

We set out to optimize his local listings, sure up any issues with his two Google My Business locations, get active on social media, and create engaging content on his blog.

In the 9 months we’ve been working together, we’ve boosted his organic search reach by 86%. He has since reached maximum capacity at one of his locations, and is working on reaching it at his other location as well.

If progress continues at this pace, he will need to hire additional clinicians very soon.


“The team at JAM has really helped us move the needle in the past year. I’m really happy with how far the site, and our online presence overall has come.”

Dr. Konstantin Lukin

Planning for the future

Looking ahead we plan to roll out a web video series on psychotherapy and well-being tips. This engagement really proves that inbound marketing, along with local optimization can be extremely powerful even for smaller businesses serving very specific geographic locations.

"John Tedesco and his team are top notch creative professionals and have helped improve our brand at On Time Ambulance significantly."

-- by Johnn Bush

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