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On Time Transport, an ambulance and medical transportation company serving all of New Jersey based in Roselle, NJ, came to us needing a facelift.


Having been in business for more than twenty years, they were already well established in the New Jersey medical transport industry. But they needed something more. Their website wasn’t cutting it for them. They didn’t like their dated, “cartoony” look, and more importantly, it wasn’t generating new leads and customers.

They weren’t paying much attention to their analytics, that is, monitoring how people arrive at and interact with their site.

They also wanted to internally reinforce their company values through a variety of printed graphics including motivational posters, safety initiative explanations, and promo materials including brochures, handouts, business cards, RFP responses, and more.

They needed a team that could help them drive traffic to their site. But not just any traffic. They knew that they wanted to reach three distinct types of customers.

  • Private pay consumers
  • High volume referrers
  • Potential employees

So after understanding a bit about the client’s needs and goals, the first step was to do a full site redesign. They shopped around a bit with multiple firms, but ended up going with us based on the trust we established and the rapport we developed. They liked our ability to turn their vision into reality by quickly creating mockups of key ideas.

Before & After

Below is a quick look at the old site vs. the new.

Content Strategy

We got to work creating content in the form of blog posts, eBooks, and conversion-optimized landing pages. We wanted to make sure that if you were searching around the topic of ambulance or private medical transport in New Jersey, On Time would show up.

Our marketing team began interviewing and collaborating with On Time staff, crafting content that was helpful, informative, easy to digest, and meaningful.

An example of an On Time eBook on it’s own landing page

In the year and a half since, we’ve created more than sixty unique posts on their blog. Some these garnered thousands of views.

One post in particular has reached nearly 30,000 viewers without using any paid advertising whatsoever. It was shared on social media by several influencers in the EMS world.

We also took on managing their company Facebook page, engaging and entertaining their followers while also growing their overall social reach.


In the last year and a half, On Time has increased their overall traffic by 186%.

They now rank in the top 10 for 152 valuable keywords, and in the top 3 positions for 97 of those.

Their blog went from practically zero readers to per month to more than 2500.

“John Tedesco and his team are top-notch creative professionals and have helped improve our brand at On Time Ambulance significantly. if you are looking to develop an outstanding website, brochure, social media marketing campaign or any other branding/marketing initiatives give John and his team a try; you wont be disappointed.”

John Bush, President, On Time Ambulance

Planning for the future

Going forward we will be rolling out a video campaign to showcase their commitment to being the safest provider in the state. We aim to build on our success to help On Time dominate their space even further. Additional content creation will strive to educate larger healthcare facilities aimed at landing lucrative partnerships.

Truck Wraps

Our design work isn't limited just to the web, we've also created a number of vehicle wraps for OnTime's Wheelchair Van fleet. After being wrapped they were deployed again and are now in the field all boasting the Ontime colors.


This engagement has been a tremendous example of the power of effective content marketing. While the firm was already well established, their web marketing campaign allowed them to position themselves as a true thought leader.

"John Tedesco is a hands on guy, making the most complicated tasks easy and affordable"

-- by Darren DeMatteo - Carlyle Sofas Ltd.

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