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A complete overhaul for this large medical transporation company.  Awesome company to work with, even more awesome company to work FOR!  Now heading full speed ahead to take over the competition with a brand new mobile-responsive and SEO-injected website!  Not to mention new branded graphics and a new logo to boot!

On Time recruitment development

Medical Transport

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One of our greatest challenges with On Time was the big push for new recruits.  Rather than promising big bonuses, perks, flexible hours and free lunches.. the idea was to tout the employees, the rising careers, the family life at On Time, the promise, the opportunity, and the purpose.

High Performance In Motion Graphic

Print Design

Specifically being used for internal company material and motivational initiatives, JAM Graphics created the altered logo and graphic to work with the 11 aspects of the company's team.

On Time Anniversary Logo

Print Design

A 25th anniversary tribute logo for the company that is being used on wine labels, apparel and all other such promotional products.

Tradeshow Banner Artwork

Print Design

These new banners contain a new approach to their company's printed material look.  We wanted to create some movement and motion in the artwork since the company is constantly moving, and hey.. it's a transportation company!  So we created a graphic and worked it into the photography and came out great!

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